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Taree Eco Green

Taree, New South Wales, is a small town that is making a big effort to contribute to a greener future. There are many businesses in the area which have taken steps to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability. In this article, we will explore some of the businesses in Taree that make a difference and support the environment.

1. Green Point Aquaponics

Located just outside of Taree, Green Point Aquaponics is a sustainable farm that produces a variety of greens, herbs and fish. The farm uses an innovative system called aquaponics which involves growing plants in water with added nutrients provided by fish waste. The plants can filter the water, which then returns clean to the fish tank. This approach saves water and reduces the use of chemicals and fertilisers in the agriculture. Green Point Aquaponics supplies fresh, locally grown produce to the local community and encourages people to grow their own food with their homegrown systems.

2. Taree Recyclers

Taree Recyclers is a local family-owned and operated company that provides recycling services for the community. The company collects a wide range of items from households and businesses in the area, including metals, electronics, plastics, green waste and general rubbish. Taree Recyclers recycles up to 95% of the collected waste, diverting it from landfills and promoting a circular economy. The company also offers a range of gardening and landscaping products made from the recycled materials they collect, such as compost and mulch.

3. Taree Solar Power

Taree Solar Power is an established company that provides solar panel installations for homes and businesses in the Taree area. The company is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the community by promoting the transition to clean energy. Solar panels are a great way to reduce energy bills and improve the energy efficiency of homes and businesses. With Taree Solar Power, customers also receive a comprehensive energy audit to identify additional ways to reduce energy consumption.

4. The Happy Frog

The Happy Frog is a small local cafe that offers vegan and vegetarian options. The cafe is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing the impact of the business on the environment. They use biodegradable takeaway packaging, compost food waste, and source as much of their produce as possible from local suppliers to reduce carbon miles. The Happy Frog also offers a range of reusable straws, cups and containers to encourage customers to reduce their waste when they are on the go.

5. Taree Ness Boutique

Taree Ness Boutique is a boutique clothing store that promotes sustainability through their ethical and sustainable clothing range. The store has a focus on natural fibres, such as organic cotton and linen, and avoids using synthetic materials to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. The store also collaborates with local artists and designers to produce unique and stylish clothing pieces.

6. Manning Entertainment Centre

The Manning Entertainment Centre is a performing arts venue that has integrated sustainability into their operations. The venue has installed energy-efficient lighting and heating systems and promotes sustainable transportation options. The venue uses paperless ticketing and digital marketing to reduce paper waste and has implemented recycling and composting systems.

These businesses are just a few examples of the many establishments in Taree that are making an effort to contribute to eco-green initiatives. By supporting such businesses, you can help promote sustainability and a greener future. You can find more information about these businesses and their services by visiting their websites, giving them a call, or visiting them in person.

Green Point Aquaponics: Phone number 0408 110 001

Taree Recyclers: Phone number (02) 6552 2997

Taree Solar Power: Phone number 1300 244 536

The Happy Frog: Phone number (02) 6552 6148

Taree Ness Boutique: Phone number (02) 6551 2599

Manning Entertainment Centre: Phone number (02) 6592 5466

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Bridge on the old Pacific Highway at Taree now bypassed but still used for local traffic thanks to Mike Young